Smoked Fish

We are so proud of our small yet superb smoked fish selection all of which comes from Acme in Brooklyn, New York.   And here’s a fun fact about Acme – they smoke more than SIX MILLION pounds of smoked fish a year!  

Smoked Fish

Acme Hand-Sliced Nova

These Atlantic salmon sides are salt and brown sugar brined for a week before cold-smoking (not cooked) for 24 hours…... Read More

Acme Machine-Sliced Nova

The same processes used to create the melt-in-your-mouth hand-sliced nova is on display again. A mild salt and brown sugar…... Read More

Creamed Herring

Not the jarred stuff you’re used to at all. Katzinger’s pickled herring arrives plump and flavorful then we add thick…... Read More

Pickled Herring

Wild caught in Icelandic waters then cured in vinegar, white wine, onion and spices, this herring is plump and flavorful.... Read More

Smoked Rainbow Trout

These freshwater trout are cold smoked over hard wood for up to 20 hours. The result is a tasty, mild,…... Read More

Smoked Whitefish

A great lakes fish, whitefish has a modestly firm texture and a fairly mild, yet still rich, smoked flavor. It…... Read More

Smoked Whitefish Salad

Toss smoked whitefish with parsley, red onion, cucumber, mayo/sour cream dressing and it becomes a refreshingly delicious salad. We love…... Read More
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