Posted on Feb 26, 2018

An assortment of assembled sandwiches on a variety of breads. Presented cut in half and frill picked, all that is left is for you to add your favorite condiments . Assortment includes Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Honey Ham, Salami, Smoked Turkey, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad and Vegetarian; Lettuce, Tomato and Onion Slices, condiments including Homemade Russian Dressing, Imported Olives, and of course, garlic and dill Pickles. Your choice of two homemade salads: Traditional Potato Salad, Olive Oil dressed Redskin Potato Salad, Creamy Coleslaw or Macaroni Salad.

  • Mini (Serves 5-7) $135
  • Sm. (Serves 10-12) $215
  • Med (Serves 15-18) $265
  • Lg. (Serves 25-30) $380
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